Cornel Sorbală


While getting to know God’s nature and character, it becomes clear how much a local church means to Him. Along the fact that it was earned with the price of His Son’s death, the local church cannot be compared to anything in this world because God reveals Himself through it and spiritually blesses the humanity. The generation of our time has many issues and we wish Golgotha church to be an efficient solution for many of these.

We started the planting of the church being aware of two truths:

  • God desires in this neighborhood to exist a community of dynamic Christians with a strong spiritual and moral influence through whom the problems of the surrounding population would be solved;
  • As a pastor, I was aware that Golgotha, like many other local churches, is God’s creation and property here on earth, thus will be able to overcome any obstacles, with the exception of one setback of its servants. This aspect helped me stay close to God, and to attribute all church’s successes and blessings solely to Him.

Looking back at the 10 years that passed so fast, I join Samuel’s words in 1st Samuel 7:12 and affirm with all the assurance and joy that “Thus far the Lord has helped us!” Personally for me, Golgotha church was and is the closest and best friend. Through this church, God has lifted me when I was weak, smiled to me when I was sad, and helped me daily understand that I am useful for His Kingdom.

I pray that God blesses and strengthens every member of this church, because we are all extremely valuable to each other and altogether precious in God’s eyes. I have the assurance that Golgotha church will exist will grow and will be a real blessing for the lost ones until Lord Jesus will come to take it home!